Swim Merit Badges and Rank Advancement

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Diana is a member of Wedgwood Swim Pool, in northeast Seattle.  It is open now.  Their hours are 3 to 7pm Monday through Friday and noon to 8pm on Saturday and Sunday.  Those are the hours until school lets out on June 14th.

She would prefer to take care of this at Wedgwood and they have lots of open hours.  She can make almost any day work.  Email her and let her know when your son could go over there with her (and another adult) and take care of this. She would like to get several kids there at once. She is okay with going more than once.

Please let her know as soon as possible some dates that would work for your son, say three different options.  We’ll take it from there.

For those of you that plan to go on the Bowron Lake trip, this is a golden opportunity, please get your swimming merit badge requirement out of the way.

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