Know Your Merchandise:

We sell wreaths, garland, tree stands and 7 different types of trees:

• Noble
• Korean Fir
• Fraser
• Nordmann
• Norway Spruce
• Sheared Douglas
• Natural Douglas

#1 Job: Customer Service

• Greet the customer.
• Offer help and explain the general layout.
• Help as needed, but don't hover. It's OK to work with other customers or sweep the lot while they decide.
• Carry the tree they select to the shack area.
• Offer to trim the butt off the tree. Unless they ask otherwise, be sure to cut as little as possible.
• Give the customer the tag from the tree and ask them to pay for it at the shack.
• Be sure to point out the wreaths we have for sale.
• Offer to load the tree. Trees can be awkward to handle so get help. Make sure that the tree is secure, and that the top of the tree is aimed towards the back of the vehicle.

How to Measure a Tree

We measure the height of the tree from the ground to the point at which the longest star branch touches the trunk of the tree when it’s bent up. This includes up to 12 inches of trunk (called the "handle").  See diagram

Collecting Payment

All payments are handled by the adults in the shack. We accept checks, cash and credit/debit cards. There’s a jar for tips in the shack. Never ask for tips, but thank people if they offer. All tips go into a general tip fund; they don’t go to any Scout personally. They’re used for special events like the pizza and a movie night in June

Restock the Lot

• When you sell a tree you should replace it with a similar tree (so we have a full selection out at all times).
• Make sure the tree has been accurately tagged and the tag is secure and visible.
• Shake each tree really well to remove any old, dead needles caught up among all the current year’s foliage.

Clean Up!

• Sweep up needles
• Clean up the trunk ends
• Pick up strings and other trash
• Separate out the clean green (tree parts) and recycle items separate from the other trash.

**Check with the shift leader if you're not sure what to do**


Dress for the weather and plan to be working outside for your whole shift. Even if it’s not raining, it’s wet, and often cold, working on the lot. Wear a water resistant jacket and layers (it’s easier to remove layers than to be cold and uncomfortable for 3 hours!).

• Come fed, not hungry – there are no breaks for eating. And bring water.
• Bring work gloves (there are a limited number of gloves to borrow – it is worth investing in your own pair of work gloves).
• Check with an adult if you’re not sure what to do next.
• Be ready to drop what you're doing as soon as a customer arrives.
• Be very careful with the trees: they’re expensive and can break if not handled carefully.
• Be up-beat, cheerful and polite.
• Say “thank you”!


• No electronic items (cell phone to coordinate ride home okay).
• No handling of money