A note about equipment lists

Experience is the only way to come up with an equipment list -- each person's equipment list will be different. The following lists have been compiled from a variety of sources and represent the type of clothing and equipment that is generally thought to be necessary for camping in cold or inclement weather.

It is neither necessary nor advisable for parents or scouts to go out and purchase everything on  the following lists. However, each Scout should have the 10 Essentials on each and every outing. In addition, there are certain items that have no place on a scouting trip - possession of any of the items listed under the 10 Non-Essentials will not be tolerated on Troop 100 activities.

The TEN Essentials

These are items which are necessary for survival and should be brought on any hike or overnight 

  1. Pocketknife
  2. First-aid kit
  3. Extra clothing (see list)
  4. Rain gear (see list)
  5. Water bottle (1 Qt)
  6. Flashlight/Headlamp
  7. Trail food
  8. Matches and fire starters
  9. Sun protection
  10. Map and compass

The TEN Non-Essentials

These are items are NOT welcome on any Troop outing or trip. Possession of any of these items may result in disciplinary action.

  1. Fireworks of any kind
  2. Firearms (except as part of a planned activity when they are in possession of adult leaders except when in use)
  3. Alcohol
  4. Tobacco
  5. Other drugs (Prescription drugs must be given to one of the adult leaders)
  6. Radios, CD Players, Tape Recorders, iPods, MP3 players
  7. Handheld gaming devices (DS, iTouch, etc.)
  8. Sheath Knives
  9. Pets
  10. Anything else that may result in a problem or injury
The troop has enough tents so that every scout who wishes to participate on an outing can go. We also have a supply of stoves, cooking utensils, etc. to outfit each patrol. We recommend using thrift stores, REI's basement, Eddie Bauer's basement and special sales at sporting outfitters tor clothing because some of it can be rather expensive and usually scouts outgrow their clothes long before they need to be replaced.The troop also collects used coats, boots, packs, etc. and has a supply available to outfit Scouts who need them. Please feel free to use items that are available and donate items that your family no longer needs.