Patrols Scheduled for Tree Unloading

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We had to add on 1 additional tree delivery. Two patrols are assigned to each delivery to unload the trees from the truck. All patrols were assigned 3 shifts for unloading, except the Freaks of Nature and the Vanquished Vikings. Members of these two patrols are encouraged to help on other unloading dates (especially 11/29 and 11/30) if available …many hands make light work! The delivery/unloading times are listed on the schedule.

  • 11/29: Kung Fu Turtles & Pigs with Wings
  • 11/30: Pac man & Mr. Clean 
  • 12/1: Freaks of Nature & Vanquished Vikings 
  • 12/4: Pac Man & Kung Fu Turtles 
  • 12/6: Mr Clean & Pigs with Wings 
  • 12/10: Vanquished Vikings & Pac Man 
  • 12/13: Freaks of Nature & Mr Clean 
  • 12/16: Kung Fu Turtles & Pigs with Wings

Thanks, Jana

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