Tree Lot Update 12/20

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Tree sales are slowing and the number of trees on the lot is now at a minimum. With the end in sight it is ok for those who are working shifts to start wheeling and dealing. If a customer likes a tree but it is too big then it is ok to cut it down or to discount it by 30% or so. Use your good judgment as your guide in getting someone a good deal on a tree and making them happy.
If a charitable organization needs a tree or two donated then contact me or John Stone of Dean “dog man” Putnam. Our phone numbers are on the cash shack wall. If we all are unavailable then you make the call and let us know ASAP.
Tomorrow is takedown. I will see you all then.
If Dean gets too excited I plan on having someone with a dart gun tranquilize him.
Enjoy the snow!

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