Top 10 Ways to Get Reimbursed Quickly by Your Treasurer

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  1. Scan and email your receipts to the Treasurer
  2. Fill out an Expense Report
  3. Send in store receipts not credit card receipts
  4. Stay within Troop guidelines (if unsure ask)
  5. Include your name at the top of the receipts
  6. If not obvious, include what it is for
  7. Avoid handing in receipts at Troop events (pockets and wallets are not great places for receipts)
  8. If handing in receipts, give them directly to the Treasurer rather than through a Scout of a friend
  9. Ensure that your address is correct in the Directory
  10. Follow up with the Treasurer if you haven’t received an email confirmation that the check is in the mail in 2-3 days. If you haven’t, the check is not on the way.

Asking for a check directly from the Treasurer is actually the fastest way to get a check, but it is also the hardest to audit. Make the Financial Secretary’s job easier. Auditing is tedious, but an important job to ensure the financial integrity of the Troop. Be patient, but persistent. Questions: