Snowsports Merit Badge Opportunity

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If your scout is an experienced skier and is interested in getting their Snowsports merit badge, then this is their opportunity.
Dave Hansen will be conducting a Snowsports merit badge outing on March 30th, meeting at 8:30am in front of the Alpental Lodge @ Summit at Snoqualmie.   
Note: Dave will only be doing the skiing tasks at this time.   You will be out on the snow for the morning, and then review the discussion topics over lunch.   Your Scouts can bring a sack lunch or purchase lunch at the lodge.
Also, Dave have at least one scout who would like to do their skiing tasks later in the afternoon, so he may run two snow sessions.
So, please let Dave Hansen know if you are interested in attending and whether you would want a morning or afternoon session.  He can only take about 10-12 participants out at a time and if there are less than that from Troop 100, then he will be opening it up to other troops.

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