2016 Budget Meeting 10/31 [Updated 10/28]

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UPDATE: Location of the meeting will be TUMC in the Parlor Room. Please enter through the office doors rather than the doors by the gym where we usually enter

On Saturday, October 31 (yes, Halloween!), there will be a scary Budget Meeting from 9 am-12 noon. Location: TUMC, Parlor Room. This is a closed meeting for Budget Owners only.

Who is a Budget Owner? A budget owner is the Adult Leader accountable for expenditures for the Troop in a particular category. This person is the Adult Leader for this area of the Troop for the coming year. If you are interested in volunteering for a role in the Troop, now would be an opportune time to have a say in your Budget. Any adult parent/guardian is eligible to volunteer.

After the Budget Meeting, the 2016 Budget will be presented at the next Committee Meeting where all parents/guardians are encouraged to attend to approve (or change) the proposed budget

Open 2016 Budget Owner Positions:

  • Treasurer: accountable for expenses required to operate the Troop that are not direct Scout expenses
  • Andy’s Cabin
  • Summer Camp
  • Specific Monthly Camp Outings (limited commitment)
  • Courts of Honor
  • Donations/Gifts/Awards
  • Eagle Scout Projects
  • Crew

Plus, there could be a 2015 Budget Owner that would be interested in turning over their position to an interested candidate. Don’t hesitate to inquire.

Questions can be directed to Lance Pettit.