Bowron Lakes May 28 Meeting Reminder – Update 2

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This is a reminder that there will be a mandatory gathering of all participants on May 28 at TUMC at 7:00 PM. At this meeting we will be checking for passports (or equivalent) and will be signing and notarizing parental consent forms. We will need a parental consent form unless BOTH parents are going on the trip. Most of us just paid the deposit, this would be a good time to pay the remaining $150.

Please bring a copy of your passport/enhanced ID with you to the meeting. We would like to have them for the troop records.

We are going to arrange a canoe familiarization on June 8. This is only an introduction, if a scout is going on this trip, we would like him to take the canoeing merit badge at Camp Easton. If they already have the merit badge, then please have them devote some free time in a canoe.

The majority of the scouts will be taking the bus, we have two bus drivers signed up already and would not mind if more adults would get licensed to drive the bus. Usually, we would use a truck to help haul gear and if your truck is available please let me know.

Agenda –

  • Check in –
    • Please show us a copy of your passport ( or enhanced driver’s license)
    • Signing of parental permission slips (we’ll need both parents to sign) Bill Dunnell to notarize
  • Trip Description
    • Logistics for getting there and back
  • Canoe familiarization – June 8
    • Peter Roman to address
  • Packing list review
  • Plea for a cargo truck
  • Survey for dietary restrictions
  • Questions and Answers

If your kid has a separate e-mail address, or if there is a need to add any other e-mail addresses then please send the information to me Ken Dunkelberg – Dunkelberg at comcast dot net

— Ken Dunkelberg

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