First Flight Just for Scouts [Updated 8/26]

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[Update 8/26]


We were only able to register 10 scouts and 2 adults before the airplane filled up. And we have a waitlist of scouts who would like to attend – we’ll get them in if we can. For those scouts who are on the plane – stay tuned to hear from Ken Dunkelberg soon for more details.



Alaska Air is receiving delivery of a brand new Boeing 737-900ER on September 3. Captain Tom Rogers, a Scout Volunteer and Alaska Air pilot, is offering seats on the first flight.

Their plan for the day is to have us meet at the Museum of Flight at 1 pm. Boeing will bus passengers to the new airplane. Take-off will be at 3 pm from Boeing Field. Captain Tom will do a 45 minutes to one hour tour of the Puget Sound in the 737 and land at Sea-Tac International. Boeing will then bus folk back to their cars at the Museum. Done approximately 4:45 to 5 pm.

Who Can Attend?

There is room for one adult and 12 scouts – first-come, first served.

How to Attend?

Email the Required Information below to Ken Dunkelberg. Ken will begin inputting names at 4:00 pm on Tuesday, August 24. He will resume inputting names until the plane is full. There is the possibility of getting shut out sooner as this is first-come, first served. But email anyway.

Required Information:

  • Full Name (First, Middle, and Last as it appears on a government issued ID/Students should bring their school IDs)
  • Birth Date
  • Citizenship (USA or indicate country)
  • Gender
  • Emergency Contact Name and Phone Number
  • Email

Final Details