Top 10 Ways to Upload Photos to the Troop Website

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IMG_24501. Email — if you have 1-5 photos, emailing to would probably be the easiest or you can send a link if you have another photo sharing site
2. Removable Media: Flash Drives, SD Cards or CD-ROMs — you can put your photos on a flash drive or CD ROM and physically hand them in. The flash drive will ultimately go to Lance Pettit, but you can hand it to any Adult Leader at Troop meeting, have Finn P. turn it in or mail it to the Troop address
3. Google+–Follow Troop 100- You can upload photos to your Google Page and allow Troop 100 to view the photos as well as download to the Troop page
4. Facebook–Like Troop 100 and then Add photos to the Troop Facebook page. Keep in mind this is a public page. Names should not accompany photos
5. Twitter–send to @troop100seattle. Again, a public page, but photos sent to @troop100seattle will be posted to the Troop 100 website. To have us send out a tweet on your behalf, send it to
6. Dropbox–Troop 100 has a Dropbox account. We can give you access to drop photos for the Troop. Contact
7. FTP–Contact to gain access to the Troop FTP site
8. Instagram–The Troop does have an Instagram account although it is not really active, but we can receive photos via Instagram
9. YouTube–You can upload a video to your YouTube account and send the URL to
10. Be creative–If you have a better solution for getting photos on site, let’s hear it