The Official Troop 100 Pack List is Here

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Pack list. I need a pack list. I can’t get started without a pack list. Where’s the pack list? Do you have a pack list? Is there a pack list for this trip. I only see an old pack list. I need a new pack list

All excellent comments and questions I’ve received over the years. Well, I’ve taken the handy-dandy Boy Scout Handbook and put a few Troop 100 customizations and  voila: I bring you the Official Troop 100 Pack List.

Bookmark the page. Priint it. Use it. Put it in a plastic sheet cover. Put it under your pillow. This is the list to use for every outing. No need to search further. “But, what if there’s extra stuff we need for a trip” As Paul Hendricks would say: SYPL (See your Patrol Leader). This is the base list that has what is required for a trip and what is optional for a trip. Each trip may have supplemental gear which will be communicated via your Patrol Leader

Questons? Ask your Patrol Leader