Scout Pants up for Grabs

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Diana just realized she has two pairs of uniform pants.  One is the newer style, hiking-type pant with zip off pant leg.  They have a small hole in each knee, but it’s not too bad.  Also, if you zip off the pant leg, no big deal.  They also have something on one of the side pockets, not sure if it will come off in the wash or not.  But the price is right (free).  They are a size Youth Large.

The second pair is the old fashioned canvas style pant.  They have a cut high up on one of the legs which I repaired.  They are a size 18, waist 29″.

Both seem small for the size they indicate, so keep that in mind.  And both need hemming.  But both are up for grabs.  Just email Diana if you want them. 

Also, check with the Quartermaster, Steve Pierce to see if uniforms are available in your Scouts’ size

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