Founder of the worldwide Scouting movement. Known as Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell, Chief Scout of the World, and B-P.

Blue Card

This is where merit badge work is recorded. Before beginning work on a badge, the Scout gets a blue card signed by the Scoutmaster or the Advancement Chair. At the final meeting with a merit badge counselor, the blue card … Read More

Board of Review

When a Scout has completed all of the requirements for advancing to the next rank and has had a Scoutmaster conference, a Board of Review is scheduled. At least three adult leaders meet with the Scout. The Scout answers questions … Read More

Boy Scout Handbook

The Boy Scout Handbook is the official handbook of the Boy Scouts of America. It is a descendant of Baden-Powell’s original handbook, Scouting for Boys, which has been the basis for Scout handbooks in many countries, with some variations to … Read More


Boy Scouts of America

Buddy System

One part of the Safe Swim Defense plan. Swimmers of like ability are paired, check in and out of the water together, and stay within 10 feet of each other during a swim. The buddy system is also used in … Read More

Budget Owner

A budget owner is the Adult Leader accountable for expenditures for the Troop in a particular category. This person is the Adult Leader for this area of the Troop for the coming year.


The Bugler plays the bugle at troop ceremonies. Reports to: The Assistant Senior Patrol Leader Bugler duties: • Plays bugle as requested by troop leadership. • Plays taps during evening closing ceremony. • Set a good example. • Attends at … Read More

Bus Czar

Responsible for all aspects of the White Whale (Repair/upkeep/etc.)

Bus Rules

1) The 12 backseats are reserved for Senior Patrol Members, then Patrol Leaders, then APLs. All other seats are first come first serve. If SPL and Leadership cannot make it, other leaders will be appointed by the Scoutmaster. 2) If you have … Read More