Scout Bucks

IMG_3911Scout Bucks are earned for participating in various activities and achievements. At the end of the year, the points are added up. At the Family Camp and Court of Honor in June, Scouts get to choose items from a table in order of descending “bucks”. There is always plenty of great gear—tents, back-packs, stoves, camp chairs, etc.






2017-2018 Scout Bucks Values

Meetings = 10 ScoutBucks
Each point of an inspection is equal to 1 ScoutBuck.
Rank Advancements = 75 ScoutBucks
Merit Badges = 35 ScoutBucks
Eagle Required Merit Badges = 50 ScoutBucks
Guys Night Out = 5 ScoutBucks
Every day of a trip is worth 10 ScoutBucks,  i.e. a 5 day trip is 50 ScoutBucks.
Greenbars = 15 ScoutBucks
Camporee = 100 ScoutBucks
Every hour of a Service Project/Work Event is 15 ScoutBucks.
NYLT = 20 ScoutBucks a day.