Guys’ Night Out

whirlyball_groupGNO is an abbreviation for Guys’ Night Out

Almost every month, there is an activity meeting. The boys are not required to wear their uniforms and the activity is usually a fun group activity. Recent activities have included the IMAX theater, putt-putt golf, swimming, paintball, Laser tag, and pizza night. These activities are intended to build camaraderie and familiarity with all members of the troop. Most importantly, these activities are to be safe and fun!





Wishlist for 2015-16
1. Paintball
2. Elevated Sports
3. Rockclimbing
4. Lasertag
5. Movie Night – Go to a Theater, Cinerama or IMAX
6. Restaraunt / La Palma
7. Whirlyball
8. Zorb Ball / Fat Suit Smackdown
9. Pump It Up
11.Go Karts
12.Gameworks Arcade
14.Haunted House