Gas Reimbursement

To provide fuel or mileage reimbursement to adult drivers that transport scouts and/or equipment to or from Troop 100 Officially sanctioned scouting events.

(b) Justification
Adult volunteers incur expenses and wear and tear on their vehicles when they transport scouts or gear to Official Scouting Events. A policy is warranted to more fairly distribute the associated transportation cost to all the event participants.

(c) Policy:
Troop 100 will reimburse approved Adult drivers for reasonable fuel or mileage costs that result from transporting Scouts other than the Adult’s child[ren] to or from an Official Troop 100 scouting event.

(d) Conditions
Adult drivers will be eligible to receive a fuel credit, if the following conditions apply:
• Owner/Operator of the Vehicle
• Transport Boy Scouts or haul more than minimal Troop Equipment to or from an event
• Act as the chase car when the Troop 100 bus drives to the event.

(e) Process
The following process will be followed to receive credit, account for, and reimburse driver fuel costs.
1. 2. Provide transportation to Scouts other than your son[s], haul gear, or act as chase car for the Troop bus.
3. Provide fuel receipts AND a mileage affidavit to Treasurer
4. Adults may elect to be reimbursed per mile instead of collecting receipts at the rate established by the Internal Revenue Service for non-profit organizations
Troop Committee:
1. 1. Approve and maintain policy
2. 2. Review and approved reimbursement rate once a year

(f) Controls:
• Troop Committee
• Trip Advisor
• Treasurer

(g) Qualifications:
Drivers receiving reimbursement or credit cannot claim a charitable deduction for Income Tax purposes. The Troop will not issue 1099’s.

It is the drivers’ responsibility to submit a fuel receipts or mileage affidavit in a timely manner in accordance with the Troop Reimbursement policy