Parent Meeting, March 24

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Parent Meeting

Thursday, March 24
6:45 pm

Over the last year the Troop Committee and Parent Association have been discussing the conversion of the Troop 100 Parent Association into a Nonprofit Organization as the Charter Organization of Troop and Crew 100. The main purpose of this action is to provide Troop 100 with a nonprofit structure for its Tree Lot fund raising activities.

At our last parent meeting the Parent Association voted to form a committee to engage in the process of forming a nonprofit organization. This task has been completed and we are now in a position to provide an overview of the nonprofit and vote to enact the conversion of the Parent Association into a nonprofit organization. Also, we will discuss troop volunteer positions and succession planning for the future.

While our boys are off swimming, please plan to join us next Thursday, March 24 for this important Parent Meeting.



  1. Troop and Crew 100 Parent Nonprofit Association
    • Purpose
    • Mission
    • Benefits
      • Troop and Crew
      • Public
    • Board of Directors
    • Expenses/Funding
  2. Troop and Crew Leadership and Volunteer Positons
  3. Troop and Crew Succession Planning
  4. Group Volunteering
    • Camporee Picnic
    • June Picnic
    • Family Camp
    • New Scout Trip
    • Courts of Honor
    • Summer Big Trips

Please contact me with any questions. Thank you,

Chris Trainer
Parent Association Chair