Sensitive Issues Resolution Committee

From time to time there will be issues of a sensitive nature and complaints that arise and will need to be resolved appropriately. The Committee shall establish and charter a Sensitive Issues Resolution Committee to
1. Create and make known a proper venue for receiving notification of sensitive issues or complaints.
2. Receive, process, and respond to issues of a sensitive nature in a timely way.
3. Provide a review and appeal process for issues presented to the Committee for the purpose of reconciling and resolving issues.
4. Guard both respect of the individuals involved and the proper confidentiality of the information.
5. Determine and provide the proper content and extent of communication to the Troop Committee and the Troop or Troop Parents regarding issues raised.
Committee membership includes the Troop Committee Chair, the Safety and Behavior Chair and the Troop Chaplain as voting members, and the Scoutmaster as an advisory member.